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Welcome to the Akwa Ibom Talent Show – Your Journey Starts Here! Before you dive in, take a moment to read this guide. It’s like a treasure map, giving you all the exciting details you need to know before you jump on board. By signing up, you’re stepping into the world of Talent Within You – and guess what? it is a token change! Get ready to receive awesome life hacks straight to your inbox. These hacks are like secret ingredients that will help your talent grow and shine like a star. Plus, we’ll point you to some really cool opportunities that match your interests. And don’t worry, we’ve got your back – your info stays with us and won’t be shared with anyone else. If you ever want to leave the party, you can easily unsubscribe anytime. Hey, if you’re in Nigeria, listen up! You have a golden ticket to join our Unleash your AITS club. Just tell us on the form, and boom, you’re in. Our Unleash Your Niche workshops are where the magic happens. We have got room for 50 awesome individuals, if you are living in Akwa Ibom State or any part of Nigeria and his environment, you are in the game! We’re looking for two things in your application: your promise to rock every single workshop and your commitment to helping others once you’re a pro. Imagine this: you’ll be in workshops that kick off in January. And guess what? It’s just N15,000 for 7 workshops – that’s like N15,000 per workshop! You’ll meet other cool kids who think just like you. Brace yourself for mind-blowing talks from inspiring folks, and we’re even giving you your very own journal to make your journey even more awesome. Oh, did we mention there’s a chance for internships, cool placements, and doing awesome volunteer work? How amazing is that? Wait, it gets better! McLaren Automotive is offering not one, but two lucky people a one-year internship at their super cool place in Woking. And guess what? Glendale Theatre and Arts has a scholarship waiting for one lucky soul who completes our course. We’re on the hunt for more incredible opportunities too – so keep an eye out for updates! Here’s the scoop: to score an interview, you need to be a superstar. Complete all the workshops and your workbooks, and you’re on your way to ace that interview. So, what are you waiting for? Join the fun, excitement, and adventure – and let’s make your talent shine like the brightest star!”N15,000


Diverse Audition Categories Await You! Find out what talent or skill matches yours and dive into the endless opportunities that await you. Embrace your unique talents and choose from a range of captivating audition categories at the Akwa Ibom Talent Show:

Singing Sensations:

Let your voice soar as you captivate the audience with your melodious tunes. From soulful ballads to energetic pop, showcase your vocal prowess.

Dancing Delights:

Set the stage ablaze with your rhythmic moves. From contemporary to hip-hop, express yourself through the art of dance.

Acting Aces:

Step into different characters and bring stories to life. Show us your acting skills and leave a lasting impact.

Instrumental Maestros:

Make melodies come alive with your instrumental prowess. Whether it’s a guitar, piano, or any other instrument, let your music speak.

Fashion and Design:

Display your fashion creativity through clothing design, accessories, and fashion shows.

Visual Arts:

Showcase your artistic talents in painting, drawing, sculpture, or other visual art forms.

Spoken Word Poetry:

Use the power of words to convey emotions, stories, and messages through spoken word performances.

Magic and Illusion:

Dazzle the audience with your magic tricks, illusions, and sleight-of-hand performances.


Demonstrate your rhythmic vocal percussion skills through beatboxing performances.

Fitness and Acrobatics:

Highlight your physical prowess through acrobatic displays, parkour, and fitness routines.

Comedic Geniuses:

Bring laughter to the stage with your impeccable comedic timing. Stand-up, sketches, or comedic performances – the choice is yours.

Visual Arts Visionaries:

Showcase your artistic flair through paintings, drawings, sculptures, and more. Let your creativity take center stage.

Innovative Tech:

Merge technology and talent to create stunning visuals, animations, or digital art that leaves the audience in awe.

Cultural Expressions:

Celebrate your heritage through traditional performances, rituals, or storytelling that connect us with our roots.

Unconventional Acts:

Surprise us with unique talents that defy categories – from extreme sports to mind-bending feats.

Choose the category that resonates with you, and be part of a remarkable journey where your talent shines brightly!
Thank you for your interest in auditioning for the Akwa Ibom Talent Show! To ensure a smooth and fair audition process, please carefully review the following guidelines:

Auditions are open to individuals of all ages residing in Akwa Ibom and beyond. Participants under the age of 18 must have parental consent to audition.

Choose the audition category that best suits your talent. We offer a diverse range, including singing, dancing, acting, instrumental performances, visual arts, comedy, cultural expressions, technological innovations, and unconventional acts.

Visit our official website and navigate to the “Auditions” section to register. Complete the registration form accurately with your personal details. Upload any required files such as audition videos, photos, or sample work, following the specified format and size requirements. Payment of any applicable registration fees must be completed during registration.

Familiarize yourself with the specific guidelines for your chosen audition category. This includes performance duration, content restrictions, and any other relevant details.

If participating in online auditions, ensure your video or content is clear, well-lit, and showcases your talent effectively. Follow the provided instructions for submitting online auditions on our website.

If attending in-person auditions, arrive at the designated venue on the specified date and time. Bring any necessary equipment, costumes, or props required for your performance

Respectful behavior is expected at all times during the audition process, whether online or in-person. Attire should be appropriate for the chosen audition category.

Performances should be original and created by the participant or group. Plagiarism and copyright infringement will not be tolerated.

Performances will be evaluated based on creativity, skill, presentation, and overall impact. Judges’ decisions are final and binding.

Participants who are selected for callbacks will be notified through the contact information provided during registration. Keep an eye on your email and phone for updates.

In-person auditions will adhere to any safety measures recommended by health authorities.

Results will be communicated through email or phone to all participants, regardless of the outcome.

Any violation of the guidelines or inappropriate behavior may lead to disqualification from the audition process. By participating in the Akwa Ibom Talent Show auditions, you agree to adhere to these guidelines. We’re excited to witness your remarkable talent and look forward to seeing you shine on our stage. Good luck!


At the Akwa Ibom Talent Show, we understand that talent knows no boundaries. That’s why we offer multiple audition modes to accommodate different preferences and circumstances. Choose the one that suits you best and let your talent shine:

In-Person Auditions

Join us at our designated audition venues for an immersive experience. Showcase your talent live in front of our judges and fellow participants. Feel the energy of the stage and connect with the audience in real-time.

Virtual Auditions

Participate from the comfort of your home with our virtual auditions. Submit your performance video online and have your talent evaluated by our judges. This mode is perfect if you can’t make it to the physical audition venues.

Online Submissions

Submit your pre-recorded audition video through our website. This mode provides you the flexibility to record your performance at your own pace and share your best work with our judges.

Callback Auditions

After the initial auditions, selected participants may be called back for a second round of auditions. This is an opportunity to further showcase your skills and leave a lasting impression.

Regional Auditions

For those who prefer a closer-to-home experience, we host auditions in various regions. Check our schedule to find a regional audition near you.

Open Call Auditions

Our open call auditions invite participants to demonstrate their talent in front of a live audience and judges. Feel the thrill of performing on stage and showcasing your abilities.

Private Auditions

In some cases, we offer private auditions for participants who may prefer a more intimate setting. This ensures a personalized experience where you can showcase your talent with confidence. No matter which mode you choose, the Akwa Ibom Talent Show provides a platform to unleash your unique abilities. Join us in celebrating talent and creating unforgettable performances!


Choose Your Category-
Browse through the list of audition categories available. Select the category that best suits your talent – singing, dancing, acting, or any other.

Read the Guidelines and Rules
Before proceeding, make sure to read the guidelines and rules for the chosen audition category. This will ensure you’re well-prepared for the audition process.Read the Guidelines and Rules
Before proceeding, make sure to read the guidelines and rules for the chosen audition category. This will ensure you’re well-prepared for the audition process.

Click on “Register Now”
Find the “Register Now” button associated with your chosen category. Click on it to begin the registration process.

Fill in Personal Details
You will be directed to a registration form. Fill in your personal details accurately, including your full name, contact information, age, and any other required information.

Upload Necessary Files
Depending on the category, you might need to upload files such as audition videos, photos, or sample work. Make sure your files meet the specified format and size requirements.

Review and Confirm
Double-check all the information you’ve provided and ensure your uploaded files are correct. Confirm that everything is accurate before proceeding.

Submit the Registration Form
Once you’re satisfied with the information and files, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the registration form.

For the registration fee associated with the audition, you’ll be directed to a payment page. Follow the instructions to make the payment securely.

Confirmation Email
After submitting the form and completing the payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email. This email will contain details about your registration and audition process.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully registered for the Akwa Ibom Talent Show audition. Keep an eye on your inbox for further updates and instructions regarding the audition date, time, and venue. Best of luck on your journey to showcasing your remarkable talent!

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